A beautiful café on the inside is a busy café on the outside

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At United International Decor, we specialize in redesigning interior spaces of cafes and restaurants to give them a unique and stylish new look

In the profoundly competitive bistro and eatery industry, you have just a single opportunity to establish an awesome first connection and that is by the cafeteria interior design plan. This will likewise decide the turning back of those first-time visitors at your cafe.

Nonetheless, absence of arrangements or on different hands, basic business botches cause almost 60% of bistro and eateries to bomb in their first year. With little edge for mistake, you have to set your bistro and eateries up for progress from the very beginning.

These tips about what cafes should look like are emphatically working out for our cafeteria proprietors and consequently transformed into an overseeing procedure by our designers. We will exhibit new tips on the most proficient method for your cafeteria interior design. This will be a decent case of how you can influence your clients to feel invited and keep them needing to return.

Your bistro configuration is close to home. Some affection the stark moderation of Scandinavian outline while others lean toward the rural, harsh slashed look of recovered wood. One individual’s messiness is another’s comfortable. A few people need to go to a place where they can mingle, examine, or simply hang out for quite a long time. Others have to get in and out on their approach to work.

Effortlessness OF DESIGN

To have a spotless plan, lean towards a basic Cafe Interior Design with essential Furniture. Tidiness isn’t simply clearing tables and cleaning floors.

Utilize enough enrichment which enhances your middle. Ensure each component of plan in your bistro shop has painstakingly been considered before you begin to introduce it.


With regards to purchasing furniture for a bistro shop, bar or eatery there are a couple of things to think about. While hunting down your optimal furniture it’s constantly better to have an idea or subject at the top of the priority list regarding what style will best suit your foundation.

Agreeable furniture is as much about situation and capacity as it is about comfort and cushions. Numerous clients jump at the chance to discover an alcove or crevice and stop there for some time, so ensure you have seats with a structure, (for example, a divider or bookshelf) on it by no less than one side. Make a point to have viable seats and additionally comfortable ones, however. Sofas that are too delicate may actually influence your clients to nod off—which isn’t extraordinary on the off chance that they’re attempting to compose an exposition.

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10 Easy Tips For Better And More Efficient Villa Interior Design

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United International Decor offers world call interior designing services to give your private villas a regal and contemporary look that suits your style

It’s a tough job redecorating a villa and making sure your choices gel well with a beauty of our house. The rooms should complement each other and there shouldn’t be too many themes in the same living space. While villa interior design is a very creative field, there exist professional companies and very good trustworthy designers like  Uid (http://www.uidbh.com/) who have an extensive repertoire of choices to select from. Different from designing a normal flat, villas need much more precision, thought and adjustment in terms of their interior design more than anything else. Here we shall discuss a few tips on how to do better interior villa design.

  • Pick the paint color first

There are myriads of paint colors with various kinds of tints, tones, and shades. And each one looks different from home to home meaning what looks good in your current home might not in your new villa. Your choice of color decides your theme so go over the artwork or decorative pieces you have or plan on buying and then decide the paint color.

  • Resist overcrowding a room.

Gracious simple living means having enough space to move around with ease and not stumbling around. This is good news if you are working on a small  budget. You don’t need to fill up space with lots of junk just to look gaudy.

  • Hang artwork at the right height

Did you know that galleries and museums hang artwork so that the midline (center) of each piece is 57 inc hes to 60 inches from the floor?

The reason is that t  he average human eye level is 57 inches. And if you want to focus on your artwork,  you should do the same.

  • Know how to arrange furniture on a rug for a more comfortable look.

There are three ways by which you may arrange certain furniture on your rug.- all on, all off and front on.

  • Create a focal point

Choose your star asset and make it the focal point for a room. Allow other items to take a secondary role.

  • Consider sight lines

Your focal point should be allowed to be free and a clear vision obtained from one room to the next, so that it feels like you’re being drawn between them.

  • Check how the decorative item actually looks in your villa
  • Add layers of lighting to bring depth to your room.

Thus what are you waiting for? Your dream villa is waiting to be decked like a bride!


8 tips for a clutter-free kitchen

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United International Decor offers the best deals on a variety of kitchen fixtures and interior design requirements to give your kitchen a stylish look

A kitchen is the heart (and the tummy) of your home. Carefully thought out kitchen interior design is a must to maintain good home aesthetics. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Eliminate wasted movements. Consider how and where you utilize things. Store breakfast food and bowls close to the breakfast table. Keep wraps and plastic compartments in a single helpful spot close to a work surface for wrapping scraps. Locate dishware and flatware close to the dishwasher to facilitate the way toward emptying.
  1. Outline wide walkways. Ways all through a kitchen ought to be no less than 36 inches wide. Ways inside the cooking zone ought to be 42 inches wide for a one-cook kitchen and 48 inches wide for a two-cook setup.
  2. Coordinate movement. For kid-friendly kitchen outlines, keep the cooktop out of activity ranges so kids don’t get handles and cause spills when going through. Additionally, make the fridge open to both bystanders and individuals working in cooking and cleanup ranges.
  1. Avoid corners. To make cupboard and machine entryways completely practical, design space for the entryway’s freedom and swing course in your kitchen outline. Keep machines far from corners, and ensure doorways won’t hit into each other if open in the meantime.
  1. Locate the correct stature for the microwave. The right height and area for a microwave oven may depend on the chef or the child friendly character of the kitchen. For grown-ups, 15 inches above ledge level is a decent microwave height. For kids, an underneath ledge setup might be more secure and more appropriate.
  1. Decide the island’s capacity. With regards to kitchen islands, shape takes after capacity. In the event that you need to cook and eat on kitchen islands, design enough space so the cooktop is securely isolated from the dining zone.
  1. Plan landing space. When planning your kitchen interior design, permit 15 inches of countertop on each side of a cooktop and fridge. Landing space is likewise vital close to the microwave.
  1. Consider the countertops. Chefs who get a kick out of the chance to cook require all the more counter space – ideally between the range and sink – than the individuals who cook rarely or make simple meals. Likewise, joining two countertop heights makes heating simpler and helps kids who are associated with meal preparations.


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Corporate interior design trends your business can benefit from

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At United International Decor, we specialize in all kinds of interior design services to give your home and office spaces that suits your lifestyle

 Interior designing for business properties is a tricky business. The space must be proficient and financially effective, yet additionally be one of a kind creating unique experience.

To additionally intensify the issue, trends are always advancing, so organizations should routinely adjust their interiors to reflect current tastes of their clients, guests, and employees.

Luckily, some cutting edge patterns are helping them remain agile with their plans.

  1. Deep Tones

Mirroring the excellence of nature, profound cooling tones are the design of the year. Try to utilize charcoals and grays tinged with greens. Consolidate them with ivory, stone, and beige for adjust.

On the off chance that this all appears somewhat reserved, at that point include a couple of sprinkles of red hot paprika or lively lime for color.

  1. Super-scale and geometric patterns

Small scale outlines have for some time been normal from hotels or hospitals everywhere. Be that as it may, hope to see them phased out for more sensational, huge scale, geometric examples.

These striking plans enable business to make a genuine outline articulation that communicates identity and establishes a long term connection on guests.

  1. Shape over capacity

It used to be that cost was the essential factor affecting choices to buy office furniture. In any case, with a regularly expanding focus around ergonomic plan, the furniture in a cutting edge work environment should be agreeable and in addition financially savvy.Its the mark of a good corporate interior design.

  1. Peculiar mixes

Interior designers today are moving far from obvious themes and rather including an assortment of sudden peculiar touches to make each space extraordinary.

A pertinent example is the rise of non-coordinating floor tiles, which, however it might sound peculiar, can look awesome if connected in the correct way.

  1. Dual purpose designs

A result of this drawn out budget fixing implies that business are continually searching for better approaches to spare cash. Commercial insides offer a large group of potential outcomes, as reflected in the developing prominence of dual purpose designs.

  1. Eco-fabricates

With organizations going under expanding strain to meet social commitments, there is a drive towards advancing eco-accommodating business plans.

While glass use has for the most part been viewed as a sign of energy inefficiency, new advances in window configuration imply this is not true anymore — glass looks set to end up noticeably a staple of future eco-builds.

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Embellish your home!

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Interior design is a part of enhancing the existing interiors in residential and commercial spaces. It gives the space a more pleasing & aesthetic look.

An interior designer plans up the structural set up to be constructed and gives the expected outcome the customer needs. It includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspection, construction management and finally execution of the design. Creative and technical solutions are applied within the space to achieve a built in interior environment.

This kind of set up is highly functional, it enhances the quality of life and culture of the people residing in them which it your space an aesthetic appeal. The interior design process follows a systematic methodology which includes thorough research and planning of the space.

Designing a space not necessarily requires any study, some people are naturally creative and they utilize their ideas and experiences to create and decorate their own living space into a magnificent piece of art. One needs to be readily updated about the designs and structures which are in trend in the market. Following them, one can invest their own ideas and decorate your own home or maybe just your room!

Interior designer is someone who can successfully create a new living space within your existing interiors and completely transform your home or office just by few changes in the space building a unique theme into your home or office.

They have the ability to make a small room look really spacious and match the interiors and colors of the room with the personality of the man staying in there. They go beyond the selection of color palettes and furnishings and change the entire space into a very calm and pleasing looking space.

Color is a very important aspect in decorating and coordinating colors to create a stylish scheme or a particular theme based selected by the customer. Colors have a psychological effect on the person residing in these spaces. Hence, keeping in mind interior decorators design the space accordingly depending if it is a residential space or a commercial one.  Color can greatly affect our positive and negative state of mind while we are residing in these spaces. Few colors tend to have a positive effect and few of them do have negative effects.

United International Décor W.L.L provides wide range of services. To know more about our wide range of services, do visit our website at http://www.uidbh.com/

Creating a relaxed living room design

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Let our experts help design effective and stylish living rooms that suits your needs and your style. Get the best quality interior design services at UID

One has to invest optimal time and effort into creating suitable interior designs for the living rooms. Homeowners ought to consider their personal tastes and style when designing the living room however, one cannot forgo the importance of functionality of the living space. Creating a relaxing atmosphere is only possible by making the best use of the available space. Some of the things to consider when designing your living room interiors are-


A professional designer will help organize your entire living space to keep your interior space well organized. Leaving too much empty spaces will give the room a sense of emptiness, and cluttering it up with too much furniture and design fixtures. Thus organization plays an important part in establishing a fully functional and highly attractive living space.


The next thing you need to consider is the colour of the walls. One has to consider the kind of flooring before choosing the painting pallet. Using discreet, natural looking colours is recommended as it helps set up a favourable back ground for other furniture and interior design fixtures.


No living room is complete without proper furniture. The furniture you choose should agree with the general interior design of the living room. You cannot opt for classical furniture designs when the rest of your interior fixtures sports a modern contemporary look, and vice versa. The markets have an abundance of furniture designs, which enables you to customize your furniture installations to meet your stylistic needs.

At United International Décor, we offer world class interior design services that is aimed at setting up a highly stylish and fully functional interior space for your living room. For more information about our services, do visit our website at http://www.uidbh.com

Corporate interior design for an ideal office look

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United International Decor is one of Bahrain’s leading interior decorators specializing in office interior redesigning to suit your corporate needs

Upgrading the interiors of your corporate space is an excellent way to showcase your growth in the industry. An outdated office space can be quite demoralizing to the employees and might showcase your business in bad light among new clients. One of the primary reasons to revamp your office infrastructure is to enhance the brand image of your corporation.

When attempting to redesign your interior space you should not compromise on the functionality of the available office space. You should ensure that the space is easy to work in and that it does not contain unnecessary clutter. Make sure that the filing cabinets and the work stations are easily accessible and the entire layout of the space is in compliance with the fire safety standards.

Privacy is another aspect to consider when redesigning the office interior space. Modern office partitions are made of wood, glass, metal etc.You can also invest in quality soundproof partitions to ensure that your employees get the privacy they deserve, thus increasing work efficiency.

At United International Décor, we offer world class interior designing services that suits your office needs. For more information about our services, do visit our website at http://www.uidbh.com