Four basics of kitchen interior designing

Four basics of kitchen interior designing

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Kitchen redesign is the hardest kind of renovation, since one has to keep in mind the various space requirements it should serve. The kitchen has a number of cabinets and other collapsible doors, and one should take the temporary space requirement into account when designing a kitchen. Another important factor that dictates kitchen design is the ease of use.,ie the height of slabs, counters and cabinets.

Here are four basic kitchen interior design styles that one can choose fromdesigning a kitchen to ensure optimal use of space-

  1. Single wall kitchen: The single wall kitchen is one of the easiest to implement, where larger appliances like sink, refrigerator, stove and other counter tops are stocked against the wall for maximum efficiency. This makes cleaning and maintenance easier.
  2. L- shaped layout: This is also an extremely popular layout design, where the counter top is designed in an L shape, leaving you enough room on the opposite end of the kitchen.
  3. U- Shape layout: This is popular among larger kitchens, where one requires more countertop space. Here, you can install a larger appliance like a freezer or a fridge at the corner.
  4. Island layout: This basically consists of a U Shape layout, albeit larger than the usual, divided into different workstations. This is extremely popular among larger kitchens in restaurants, etc.

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