Month: April 2016

Choosing bathroom floor tiles

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The world has changed for the batter when it comes to bathroom designs. People are investing time and money in creating that perfect bathroom that suits their style and requirements. This extends to choosing their bathroom tiles as well. Here are a few options of bathroom tiles to choose from-

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles are among the most popular types of bathroom tiles, and have been in use for decades. They are highly resistant to heat and cold, and can be cleaned you’re your regular household products, making them the ideal bathroom floor tiles. Porcelain tiles can also be customised to have textures to make it look like authentic wood and stone flooring, giving it a design edge.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is known primarily for its glazed look. It is less durable compared to the porcelain tiles, and is hence not recommended for areas with high foot traffic. However, they come in attractive colours, which gives it a visual beauty.

Natural Stone

Natural stone tiles are well known for their intricate natural patterns and tonal variation. The most commonly used stone tiles are marble, concrete, terrazzo, bluestone etc. Stone tiles can stain easily and need to be cared for to keep them looking good for long.

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