Month: March 2016

The secret to creating a timeless kitchen interior design

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Contemporary kitchens have so much to offer. It is thus important to ensure that your kitchen reflects your personality, while proving to be a highly functional space as well. Making your kitchen an extended part of your own self will make you feel at home when working in the kitchen.

Do not be afraid to use loud colours. Kitchens are no longer meant to look drab, like he walls are covered in soot and smoke. Modern kitchen appliances have little to no smoke, which makes it easier to maintain walls with bright colours. You can also use colours for cabinets as well, to match the walls.

You can also put up artwork on your kitchen walls like in any other room. Go ahead and install commissioned art pieces, kids art work etc. This adds to the personality of the kitchen, and adds new textures as well.

You can also add accessories and display objects in the kitchen. Although overdoing it might make it seem cluttered. So be careful when adding those antique tea set that you won’t use or that vintage clock.

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