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Tips For Corporate Boardroom Interior Design

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Our experts at United Interior Decor help redesign your corporate boardroom to give it a stylish new look that agrees with the general corporate style

A corporate boardroom is different from other normal rooms present in a building and hence has to have its own distinctive décor. It’s not good enough if the boardroom is dull or drabby or way too congested for your personal taste. The boardroom has to give out a vibe that inspires ideas and causes you to make important and powerful decisions. The boardroom also must inspire your employees to feel free to speak all their ideas and begin a creative discussion which can be beneficial to everyone. But a boardroom for the corporate world is equivalent to the batt; field. Just some of the rack kitschy ideas will not be enough to conquer it. Here in this article, there will be several salient points about how to properly decorate a corporate boardroom:-

  1. Interior design for a boardroom needn’t be one dimensional. But it cannot be overtly colorful and bright. Keep a subtle tone with somber coloursor at least with graceful hues.
  2. Don’t let the interior design be too drab. You want your employees to come and enjoy the meetings, not detest and miss them! Put some little artifact that go well with office stationery.
  3. Put a few interesting quotes as paintings in the boardroom so that it stimulates everyone and allows them to feel better.
  4. Put some potted plants in the boardroom. They help in maintaining good ambiance and oxygenates the room so that everyone can think clearly and not be affected by the stuffiness.
  5. Put light colored curtains in the room to make it a bit brighter so that it does feel too dark or dull.
  6. Buy a good large table of wrought iron or of stainless steel as they look more professional and yet have a good relaxed ambiance around them.
  7. Interior design for the corporate boardroom is best served with a little bookcase at the end of a room with a few interesting items and powerful, inspiring books. So that waiting in the boardroom needn’t be boring and allows your employees to feel more motivated.

Thus these points are enough to build a good corporate boardroom for the old CEO or the coming of age professional alike. After all, the boardroom is the most important area of the company and t is necessary we design t properly according to the style of the company. There are companies like Uid ( which help you get a better-customized boardroom thanks to the presence of their talented designers who will stop at nothing to ensure that you have the perfect place to put your pitch!


Embellish your home!

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Interior design is a part of enhancing the existing interiors in residential and commercial spaces. It gives the space a more pleasing & aesthetic look.

An interior designer plans up the structural set up to be constructed and gives the expected outcome the customer needs. It includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspection, construction management and finally execution of the design. Creative and technical solutions are applied within the space to achieve a built in interior environment.

This kind of set up is highly functional, it enhances the quality of life and culture of the people residing in them which it your space an aesthetic appeal. The interior design process follows a systematic methodology which includes thorough research and planning of the space.

Designing a space not necessarily requires any study, some people are naturally creative and they utilize their ideas and experiences to create and decorate their own living space into a magnificent piece of art. One needs to be readily updated about the designs and structures which are in trend in the market. Following them, one can invest their own ideas and decorate your own home or maybe just your room!

Interior designer is someone who can successfully create a new living space within your existing interiors and completely transform your home or office just by few changes in the space building a unique theme into your home or office.

They have the ability to make a small room look really spacious and match the interiors and colors of the room with the personality of the man staying in there. They go beyond the selection of color palettes and furnishings and change the entire space into a very calm and pleasing looking space.

Color is a very important aspect in decorating and coordinating colors to create a stylish scheme or a particular theme based selected by the customer. Colors have a psychological effect on the person residing in these spaces. Hence, keeping in mind interior decorators design the space accordingly depending if it is a residential space or a commercial one.  Color can greatly affect our positive and negative state of mind while we are residing in these spaces. Few colors tend to have a positive effect and few of them do have negative effects.

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Corporate interior design for an ideal office look

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United International Decor is one of Bahrain’s leading interior decorators specializing in office interior redesigning to suit your corporate needs

Upgrading the interiors of your corporate space is an excellent way to showcase your growth in the industry. An outdated office space can be quite demoralizing to the employees and might showcase your business in bad light among new clients. One of the primary reasons to revamp your office infrastructure is to enhance the brand image of your corporation.

When attempting to redesign your interior space you should not compromise on the functionality of the available office space. You should ensure that the space is easy to work in and that it does not contain unnecessary clutter. Make sure that the filing cabinets and the work stations are easily accessible and the entire layout of the space is in compliance with the fire safety standards.

Privacy is another aspect to consider when redesigning the office interior space. Modern office partitions are made of wood, glass, metal etc.You can also invest in quality soundproof partitions to ensure that your employees get the privacy they deserve, thus increasing work efficiency.

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Designing the entranceway

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When it comes to interior designing, most people tend to disregard the importance of the entranceways and pathways within the building. In most cases, these pathway walls are traditionally covered in solid colours that match the other walls within the facility. However, a credible interior designer can do more to these walls to give them a unique texture thus making them look visually attractive on their own.

The entrance way is the first thing your visitors look at when they enter the premises.  Hence, it should showcase a prelude to the interior grandeur that is set up within the rest of the living/ office space.

Giving your entrance a luxurious look does not have to be hard work.  A simple blend of old and new interior design aspects will help achieve a contemporary, yet familiar look.  Entranceways are generally quit narrow; hence using the right wall fixtures, lighting and other decorative furnishings will give it a sense of space.

Adding pictures and photographs to the walls is a common design feature that has been in use for centuries. If the entranceways are wider, you can accommodate vases, showpieces and even seating arrangements as well! These pathways need not have intricate details yet minimal details such as vibrant colours and simple wall fixtures will do wonders in giving it a unique visual appeal.

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Designing your living room

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The living room serves a multitude of purposes in your home. It is where you entertain your guests, read books, watch TV, hold family meetings and other such things. Hence, you should be giving enough time and resources towards creating an enjoyable living space in your living room.

One of the main things you need to look into is the lighting. You need to ensure that he room has ample lighting- natural or otherwise. An even lighting throughout the room will give it an airy look. Adding a few photographs and the right furniture will give it a cozy, personalized feel.

Large windows and glass panels are the rage in modern interior designing. Installing the right kind of glass windows can give your home the right temperament and a contemporary look. Using the right kinds of drapes and furniture that complements the texture of the room can give your home a unique look. Setting up the right furniture will also evoke a sense of grandeur, even in a minimalistic setting.

If you choose to have a staircase within the living room, you can use this as a decorative element as well. Installing attractive railings is one such method. Using contrasting tiles and flooring can add to the look of the living room.

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Read this before you renovate your floor

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It is recommended to speak to professionals interior designers when you planning to renovate your floor. The multiple flooring options in the market today makes it a daunting task to find the right one that suits your requirements.

Consulting an interior designer is one of the best ways to find suitable flooring options that will suit your style and budget. The design professional will provide insightful tips on choosing the right flooring and will also install it in a professional manner. Be it a single room or the whole house, a professional hand can always ensure proper guidance.

The interior designer will usually have access to a number of samples ready for you to choose from. The consultation will also include a site visit, where the design professional will visit your home and help determine the right flooring option for you. They will work closely with you to assess your requirements and will work within the budget constraints.

Another advantage of having a knowledgeable designer at your disposal when choosing your flooring, is that they will ensure that your flooring is in tune with the existing interior design. They will also suggest appropriate changes within your interior design to match the flooring.

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Creating luxury interiors on a budget

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One does not have to shell out a ton of money to set up regal interior designs that are both comfortable and pleasant on the eyes. They key to making the best out of a budget constraint is to choose cheaper, but quality alternatives that match with each other to turn your abode into a splendid living space.

Planning is everything when it comes to interior designing. Knowing what you want makes it easier to prep your home to achieve that look. One of the first things you should concentrate on getting is the furniture. If you cannot afford customized furniture, then it is best to get furniture that appeals to you and design everything else around it.

Getting matching upholstery and choosing the appropriate paint is next. Not everything has to match; sometimes an appropriate level of conflicting designs can bring out a unique visual texture. Make sure the curtains complement your walls. When buying curtains it is important to choose the right fabric. Expensive materials like lace and skill might look good initially, but quickly deteriorate and will tend to look faded with exposure to sunlight.

United International Décor is one of the leading interior designing firms in Bahrain. We provide cost effective and quality services that comply with the modern design requirements in the markets. For more information about our services, do visit our website at