Tips to buy the right sofa

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A sofa is one of the biggest interior design investments you will make. Hence it is important to spend some time and resources in choosing the right kind of sofa that suits all your needs. A sofa will always be the focal point of a living room, and it needs to have the right kind of style and design to give it a charm of its own. Here are a few tips to buy the right kind of sofa for your home-

  • Have a clear idea of where you will be installing your sofa in your living room. Make sure that it leave enough room to walk about, yet it occupies a good volume of the available space.
  • Purchase the best sofa you can afford. Apart from your bed, this is where you might be spending most of your time at homes o don’t’ skimp on the quality and comfort factor of the sofa.
  • Have an educated opinion on the current sofa styles, their pros and cons before making your final decision. This will ensure that you will have the right knowledge to identify any discrepancies in the structure of the sofa, thus enabling you to choose a sturdy furniture.

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Designing the entranceway

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When it comes to interior designing, most people tend to disregard the importance of the entranceways and pathways within the building. In most cases, these pathway walls are traditionally covered in solid colours that match the other walls within the facility. However, a credible interior designer can do more to these walls to give them a unique texture thus making them look visually attractive on their own.

The entrance way is the first thing your visitors look at when they enter the premises.  Hence, it should showcase a prelude to the interior grandeur that is set up within the rest of the living/ office space.

Giving your entrance a luxurious look does not have to be hard work.  A simple blend of old and new interior design aspects will help achieve a contemporary, yet familiar look.  Entranceways are generally quit narrow; hence using the right wall fixtures, lighting and other decorative furnishings will give it a sense of space.

Adding pictures and photographs to the walls is a common design feature that has been in use for centuries. If the entranceways are wider, you can accommodate vases, showpieces and even seating arrangements as well! These pathways need not have intricate details yet minimal details such as vibrant colours and simple wall fixtures will do wonders in giving it a unique visual appeal.

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Designing your living room

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The living room serves a multitude of purposes in your home. It is where you entertain your guests, read books, watch TV, hold family meetings and other such things. Hence, you should be giving enough time and resources towards creating an enjoyable living space in your living room.

One of the main things you need to look into is the lighting. You need to ensure that he room has ample lighting- natural or otherwise. An even lighting throughout the room will give it an airy look. Adding a few photographs and the right furniture will give it a cozy, personalized feel.

Large windows and glass panels are the rage in modern interior designing. Installing the right kind of glass windows can give your home the right temperament and a contemporary look. Using the right kinds of drapes and furniture that complements the texture of the room can give your home a unique look. Setting up the right furniture will also evoke a sense of grandeur, even in a minimalistic setting.

If you choose to have a staircase within the living room, you can use this as a decorative element as well. Installing attractive railings is one such method. Using contrasting tiles and flooring can add to the look of the living room.

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Choosing bathroom floor tiles

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The world has changed for the batter when it comes to bathroom designs. People are investing time and money in creating that perfect bathroom that suits their style and requirements. This extends to choosing their bathroom tiles as well. Here are a few options of bathroom tiles to choose from-

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles are among the most popular types of bathroom tiles, and have been in use for decades. They are highly resistant to heat and cold, and can be cleaned you’re your regular household products, making them the ideal bathroom floor tiles. Porcelain tiles can also be customised to have textures to make it look like authentic wood and stone flooring, giving it a design edge.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is known primarily for its glazed look. It is less durable compared to the porcelain tiles, and is hence not recommended for areas with high foot traffic. However, they come in attractive colours, which gives it a visual beauty.

Natural Stone

Natural stone tiles are well known for their intricate natural patterns and tonal variation. The most commonly used stone tiles are marble, concrete, terrazzo, bluestone etc. Stone tiles can stain easily and need to be cared for to keep them looking good for long.

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The secret to creating a timeless kitchen interior design

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Contemporary kitchens have so much to offer. It is thus important to ensure that your kitchen reflects your personality, while proving to be a highly functional space as well. Making your kitchen an extended part of your own self will make you feel at home when working in the kitchen.

Do not be afraid to use loud colours. Kitchens are no longer meant to look drab, like he walls are covered in soot and smoke. Modern kitchen appliances have little to no smoke, which makes it easier to maintain walls with bright colours. You can also use colours for cabinets as well, to match the walls.

You can also put up artwork on your kitchen walls like in any other room. Go ahead and install commissioned art pieces, kids art work etc. This adds to the personality of the kitchen, and adds new textures as well.

You can also add accessories and display objects in the kitchen. Although overdoing it might make it seem cluttered. So be careful when adding those antique tea set that you won’t use or that vintage clock.

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Read this before you renovate your floor

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It is recommended to speak to professionals interior designers when you planning to renovate your floor. The multiple flooring options in the market today makes it a daunting task to find the right one that suits your requirements.

Consulting an interior designer is one of the best ways to find suitable flooring options that will suit your style and budget. The design professional will provide insightful tips on choosing the right flooring and will also install it in a professional manner. Be it a single room or the whole house, a professional hand can always ensure proper guidance.

The interior designer will usually have access to a number of samples ready for you to choose from. The consultation will also include a site visit, where the design professional will visit your home and help determine the right flooring option for you. They will work closely with you to assess your requirements and will work within the budget constraints.

Another advantage of having a knowledgeable designer at your disposal when choosing your flooring, is that they will ensure that your flooring is in tune with the existing interior design. They will also suggest appropriate changes within your interior design to match the flooring.

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Commercial interior designing for a comfortable workplace

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Although cubicles have proven to be excellent in floor management and take up less space, they lack in networking and provides a sense of isolation. Most cubicles are drab and can de-motivate your employees in the long run. Cubicles were invented as a means of efficiently using available space to seat a number of employees comfortably.

Commercial interior designing has some creative ways to seat your employees by using the floor space in an efficient manner. Modern designs make use of different architectural parameters which help keep the space use limited, but in a comfy manner.

The use of accessories is highly preferred. Most resort to using non- conventional tables and chairs that focus on comfort, without compromising on the professional environment. The primary goal of modern interior designs is to create a positive and cheerful ambience in order to keep the employees motivated throughout the day.

One should take care to not go overboard with the interior design aspects, which can make the setting look cluttered rather than look spacious. You might also have to spend excess on unnecessary design features. It is profitable to work closely with your interior designer to get the right look and feel.

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