Make The Most Of Your Place

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Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interiors, to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the end user.

It is the process of shaping the experience of interior space, through the manipulation of spatial volume as well as surface treatment for the betterment of human functionality.Often specializing in unique areas like hotels, casinos, restaurants, or other businesses that may regularly freshen up their designs to keep their businesses looking comfortable yet enticing.

Residential interiors vary greatly when compared to commercial interiors designing. Depending on the aspects which need to be designed one has to select appropriate designing which will blend effectively with the surroundings. The designer tries to help customers look after their needs at home, their personality, and style and goals which make the home more comfortable. The designer should dose what the home needs which look convenient.

Interiors for living room

An interior design of a living room should never be too extravagant. Classic modern designs using materials like stainless steel and furniture that has geometric designs are quite popular. It gives a feeling of lightness and space. The use of muted colours further gives a touch of class to the overall effect. They are easier to clean and maintain. The use of traditional materials like bamboo and rattan can also make the central theme for designing the interior of a living room.

Interiors for dining room

For the dining room interiors, you can opt for a more casual look that is perfect to be relaxed while dining. Dining tables come in various shapes like circular, rectangular and square. Choose the one that suits the architecture of the dining room and leaves enough space to put other furniture.

Why choose an interior designer?

  • Making the most of the space: Interior Design consultants know how to make the most of every single inch of space in your home.A professional interior designer will be able to go beyond colour and instead see every inch of space as a gift. A good designer will know instinctively what would suit your home and provide you with the best use of space possible.
  • Suited to your budget: Working with a sophisticated interior designer is in fact a pleasure and can really help you to make the most of your home, put your stamp on it and achieve the latest fashionable looks without spending a fortune or taking on the stress yourself.

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Flaunt Your Interiors

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Interior designing is a multi-faceted profession in which creative & technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve an interior environment.

Creative and technical solutions are functional, enhance the quality of life and culture of the occupants which are aesthetically attractive. They are generally designed with high conceptual planning utilising maximum space in a highly functional way.

A true and sophisticated interior designer is capable of changing a tiny space into a big space through his unique designs and apt choice of colour. In today’s society, interiors is something people judge you by! More flaunting your interiors are; more admirers you will have.

Steps to be followed to plan perfect interiors

  • Prospect study, space planning, budget plan, suitable furniture, and project management.
  • Sketches of the proposed floor plan, elevations.
  • The drawings most often made by interior designers are floor plans, architectural details, electrical plans, ceiling plans, and furniture plans.

The place to be designed has different stereotypes of interior decoration in them. For example, commercial interiors are different unlike residential interiors.

Interiors based on location

Commercial design– these are designed to create function aesthetics. They should create furniture, and choose colours which will bring about liveliness in the atmosphere and encourage the employees to work for long hours. With the new agro-invention, herb garden can be brought right into the office in order to connect the employees with nature effectively.

Residential design– there is whole lot of work and ideas required to design a residential space than any other area, since these are designs set by each family how and where they want it. There are many different areas one needs to design in residential spaces like living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen etc. which all have different kind of interiors.

Hospitality design– these interiors usually portray a very welcoming atmosphere in places like hotels, tourist places etc. such places need to essentially have a receptionist cabin wherein the customers are entertained.

Healthcare design– generally referred to hospitals. The interiors need to be very calm and comfortable. Highly sophisticated interiors are required to design healthcare space, since there are many different kind of interiors needed in every area, be it operation theatre or a normal ward room.Deeper understanding of the relationship between the built environment and quality of care will help to ensure healthcare facilities are designed to meet the diverse needs of patients, families, and staff.

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Expert tips for interior lighting

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Lighting your home interiors can be quite a challenge, especially if you are looking to redesign your interior space. Simply installing fashionable lighting fixtures does not mean an efficient lighting system. Having a mix of lighting sources at different angles helps set a unique mood, which allows you to create a visually pleasing living space. Here are a few tips to help give your home interiors a unique look via the right lighting.

Living room

There is so much you can do with the living room. The most common lighting set up for a living room is an ambient lighting that lights up the entire room evenly. This is also one of the most boring lighting set ups as well. Instead, you can focus your lighting set up to highlight a particular object or a painting, yet still keeping the entire room well lit.

Dining room

He center piece of the dining room is the dining table, thus all your lighting should be direct at the table. Using a chandelier or a pendant lighting above the table will give it a flattering look. You can also add a couple of small lamps on either sides of the walls to add fill lighting.


Kitchen lighting has to be ambient and should evenly light up the entire room. Kitchen lighting has to lean more towards functionality than the style. The light focussing on the work surfaces should be at a lower angle in order to give illuminate the work space satisfactorily.


Bed room lighting ought to be cosy and relaxing. You can invest in bright lights and softer lights, or you can opt for a dimmer. This will help you to set the right mood, which will make for a comfortable sleeping space.

Installing the right lighting fixtures involves an understanding of your interior space. Using light and shadows to your advantage will help give your home a spacious look, and will help establish a unique character.

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Choosing the ideal restaurant interior design

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Restaurant interior design can help set up the right mood and ambience for your diners. With more and more people choosing to dine out regularly, it is important to give your customers a wholesome dining experience.

Other than good food, people expect the restaurant to have good interiors. It is thus important to choose an overall theme for your restaurant, and you should employ the right professionals to help achieve your design goals.

A professional restaurant interior designed will understand the importance of creating a good impression visually and architecturally. From choosing the paint on the walls to the kind of furniture you use, everything affects how your clients perceive your restaurant. The right interior designs will offer a new experience for your patrons, and will ensure that your customers return to your restaurant.

An interior designer will also help set up your kitchen for maximum productivity. They will help you to choose the right paint works and kitchen installations to make work easier for your chefs. A good kitchen layout will help keep things at their optimal functional efficiency.

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Tips to buy the right sofa

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A sofa is one of the biggest interior design investments you will make. Hence it is important to spend some time and resources in choosing the right kind of sofa that suits all your needs. A sofa will always be the focal point of a living room, and it needs to have the right kind of style and design to give it a charm of its own. Here are a few tips to buy the right kind of sofa for your home-

  • Have a clear idea of where you will be installing your sofa in your living room. Make sure that it leave enough room to walk about, yet it occupies a good volume of the available space.
  • Purchase the best sofa you can afford. Apart from your bed, this is where you might be spending most of your time at homes o don’t’ skimp on the quality and comfort factor of the sofa.
  • Have an educated opinion on the current sofa styles, their pros and cons before making your final decision. This will ensure that you will have the right knowledge to identify any discrepancies in the structure of the sofa, thus enabling you to choose a sturdy furniture.

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Designing the entranceway

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When it comes to interior designing, most people tend to disregard the importance of the entranceways and pathways within the building. In most cases, these pathway walls are traditionally covered in solid colours that match the other walls within the facility. However, a credible interior designer can do more to these walls to give them a unique texture thus making them look visually attractive on their own.

The entrance way is the first thing your visitors look at when they enter the premises.  Hence, it should showcase a prelude to the interior grandeur that is set up within the rest of the living/ office space.

Giving your entrance a luxurious look does not have to be hard work.  A simple blend of old and new interior design aspects will help achieve a contemporary, yet familiar look.  Entranceways are generally quit narrow; hence using the right wall fixtures, lighting and other decorative furnishings will give it a sense of space.

Adding pictures and photographs to the walls is a common design feature that has been in use for centuries. If the entranceways are wider, you can accommodate vases, showpieces and even seating arrangements as well! These pathways need not have intricate details yet minimal details such as vibrant colours and simple wall fixtures will do wonders in giving it a unique visual appeal.

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Designing your living room

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The living room serves a multitude of purposes in your home. It is where you entertain your guests, read books, watch TV, hold family meetings and other such things. Hence, you should be giving enough time and resources towards creating an enjoyable living space in your living room.

One of the main things you need to look into is the lighting. You need to ensure that he room has ample lighting- natural or otherwise. An even lighting throughout the room will give it an airy look. Adding a few photographs and the right furniture will give it a cozy, personalized feel.

Large windows and glass panels are the rage in modern interior designing. Installing the right kind of glass windows can give your home the right temperament and a contemporary look. Using the right kinds of drapes and furniture that complements the texture of the room can give your home a unique look. Setting up the right furniture will also evoke a sense of grandeur, even in a minimalistic setting.

If you choose to have a staircase within the living room, you can use this as a decorative element as well. Installing attractive railings is one such method. Using contrasting tiles and flooring can add to the look of the living room.

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