Month: July 2016

Designing the entranceway

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When it comes to interior designing, most people tend to disregard the importance of the entranceways and pathways within the building. In most cases, these pathway walls are traditionally covered in solid colours that match the other walls within the facility. However, a credible interior designer can do more to these walls to give them a unique texture thus making them look visually attractive on their own.

The entrance way is the first thing your visitors look at when they enter the premises.  Hence, it should showcase a prelude to the interior grandeur that is set up within the rest of the living/ office space.

Giving your entrance a luxurious look does not have to be hard work.  A simple blend of old and new interior design aspects will help achieve a contemporary, yet familiar look.  Entranceways are generally quit narrow; hence using the right wall fixtures, lighting and other decorative furnishings will give it a sense of space.

Adding pictures and photographs to the walls is a common design feature that has been in use for centuries. If the entranceways are wider, you can accommodate vases, showpieces and even seating arrangements as well! These pathways need not have intricate details yet minimal details such as vibrant colours and simple wall fixtures will do wonders in giving it a unique visual appeal.

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