kitchen interior design

Kitchen Interior Design

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Unitedd International Decor offers exquisite kitchen interior designs that are functional and stylish suitable for commercial and domestic kitchens

A kitchen being the most important space in any one’s home, it should have everything in perfection. A designer should design the space in such a way that it will touch upon all the expectations of a better lifestyle. The different things that can be added as the main attractions are:-

1.Add splashback:-

To create interest in the kitchen you have to make it look good so you can add amazing tiles or marbles. The people even use granite for the walls which even adds to the classiness of it. It is one of the major factors of making a kitchen beautiful because it is the foundation key of the charm of the kitchen. It totally depends on the financial condition of the person who is the owner and he decides what to use.

2.Adding good textures on the walls

Using good wallpapers depending on the budget. Many use stone in textures instead of raw wood because raw wood sometimes doesn’t have the longevity. Basically, your goal should be to make any person come to your kitchen and want to touch those surfaces and never want to leave.

3.Make some flash with the metals:-

Copper has become a huge trend. Apart from it, chrome, silver, and stainless steel are now on the market. Next comes bronze, gold, copper, and brass which helps to shine. This shining acts as a filter to the beauty and it easily can make the guests wonder how the kitchen is so amazing to not leave upon.

4.Designing different boxes and shelves:-

To make the kitchen less messy, make your kitchen personal and user-friendly by designing different cupboards. There should be different boxes of spices, for boxes, cooking books. This keeping of kinds of stuffs into different boxes makes the space more organized and even the person will be able to remember that what things he has kept where. So generally, these shelves or boxes are made up of wood and designs can also be added on to these to give an additional effect.

The furniture should have design features. These features can be modern and traditional. It makes space look cool and add the warmth and charm as well. It acts as a superb blend so one must try these out in one’s kitchen and start a new trend.

To complete all these above criteria, the United International Decor W.LL has come upon such great interior designing ideas. You can go to the website and see all the interesting designing pieces of stuffs.



Design homes, with style: interior designing of kitchens

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 At United International Decor, we offer a contemporary range of kitchen interior design services for commercial and domestic kitchen spaces in Bahrain

To style, a home is a work of art, and when it comes to designing rooms, the art of interior decoration, style, and fashion all come into play. The design of the home depends on the kind of atmosphere we desire: homely, professional, sleek, more naturally inclined, etc.

The requirements for designing any room would be the choice of the customer. Based on what the client wants, the rooms are customized. Kitchen is the heart of the home and needs to be comfortable, spacious, open, and well aired. Other requirements might be colorful, themed, tiled, etc.

Kitchen designing is a work of fine designing because it requires the expertise of equipping the kitchen well, and infusing design and style into them, such that they reflect personal style and utility, all in one. The basic criteria for designing one is knowing the best for the home that is being styled.

Various models are available for the construction of the kitchen. One popular style is modular kitchen, which is a unit design of kitchen, with ample space, color, and texture to brighten your day. The other popular style is fusing the kitchen and dinner table together, wherein space is conserved, there’s ample working lacunae, and nevertheless, the design is flawless.

Other common styles can be traditional, wherein the kitchen in itself is a room of its own, like other rooms. A lot of people prefer this style as the smoke and the fumes remain restricted to one corner of the home only.

Modern designs are all about sharpness, diligence, and ample space for thriving. It needs to be dynamic and needs to give the customer the space to thrive. There needs to be a play of light, if possible natural, and a compulsory cross ventilation system.

Thus designing a kitchen can easily become expensive, considering the list of parameters that need to be considered. To design your food laboratory at a nominal rate, visit, we keep inspiration open and create master kitchen with design and finesse. We offer advisers and designers who will guide you through the process, and help you sculpt your home.

A fine idea to build your kitchen will be to contrast floors and tiles and cabinets or to try different shades of the same color to give illusions. This necessarily doesn’t mean that we are supposed to throw red and blue together. The ideal combination would be a throw of light shades and once in a while a dark highlight. Kitchen islands are the newest ideas, wherein there’s space to sit in the cooking area, but this again depends on the space available.

For more, visit our website and consult the experts. We make the best.

The secret to creating a timeless kitchen interior design

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Contemporary kitchens have so much to offer. It is thus important to ensure that your kitchen reflects your personality, while proving to be a highly functional space as well. Making your kitchen an extended part of your own self will make you feel at home when working in the kitchen.

Do not be afraid to use loud colours. Kitchens are no longer meant to look drab, like he walls are covered in soot and smoke. Modern kitchen appliances have little to no smoke, which makes it easier to maintain walls with bright colours. You can also use colours for cabinets as well, to match the walls.

You can also put up artwork on your kitchen walls like in any other room. Go ahead and install commissioned art pieces, kids art work etc. This adds to the personality of the kitchen, and adds new textures as well.

You can also add accessories and display objects in the kitchen. Although overdoing it might make it seem cluttered. So be careful when adding those antique tea set that you won’t use or that vintage clock.

At United International Décor, we help give your kitchen a contemporary look, while making good use of available space. For more information about our services, do visit our website at