Month: December 2015

The making of a modern bathroom design

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Modern bathroom designs will make your bathroom spacious and highly functional. Modern designs will give your bathroom a clutter free look, and will incorporate the right accessories and decors to give it a contemporary feel. They can also make the best of small bathrooms, ensuring that they are devoid of unnecessary furniture and features.

Modern bathroom designs focus on space, comfort and style. Using the right accessories and pacing them in strategic locations can make even tiny bathroom seem spacious. A good floor plan is enough to give a new twist to your bathrooms, rendering them highly functional.

Bathroom cabinets can be “hidden” behind mirrors and under sinks to enhance available space. Rolling bathroom vanities are all the rage this season, and you can have prefabricated ones or custom design them as well.

Installing the right light fixtures and tiles will ensure optimal lighting within the bathroom, thus ensuring that the bathroom does not feel stuffy. You can also add dimmers to control the lighting manually.  Adding modern bathroom accessories and the right kind of sink and taps can act as decorative pieces in your bathroom.

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