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Flaunt Your Interiors

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Interior designing is a multi-faceted profession in which creative & technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve an interior environment.

Creative and technical solutions are functional, enhance the quality of life and culture of the occupants which are aesthetically attractive. They are generally designed with high conceptual planning utilising maximum space in a highly functional way.

A true and sophisticated interior designer is capable of changing a tiny space into a big space through his unique designs and apt choice of colour. In today’s society, interiors is something people judge you by! More flaunting your interiors are; more admirers you will have.

Steps to be followed to plan perfect interiors

  • Prospect study, space planning, budget plan, suitable furniture, and project management.
  • Sketches of the proposed floor plan, elevations.
  • The drawings most often made by interior designers are floor plans, architectural details, electrical plans, ceiling plans, and furniture plans.

The place to be designed has different stereotypes of interior decoration in them. For example, commercial interiors are different unlike residential interiors.

Interiors based on location

Commercial design– these are designed to create function aesthetics. They should create furniture, and choose colours which will bring about liveliness in the atmosphere and encourage the employees to work for long hours. With the new agro-invention, herb garden can be brought right into the office in order to connect the employees with nature effectively.

Residential design– there is whole lot of work and ideas required to design a residential space than any other area, since these are designs set by each family how and where they want it. There are many different areas one needs to design in residential spaces like living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen etc. which all have different kind of interiors.

Hospitality design– these interiors usually portray a very welcoming atmosphere in places like hotels, tourist places etc. such places need to essentially have a receptionist cabin wherein the customers are entertained.

Healthcare design– generally referred to hospitals. The interiors need to be very calm and comfortable. Highly sophisticated interiors are required to design healthcare space, since there are many different kind of interiors needed in every area, be it operation theatre or a normal ward room.Deeper understanding of the relationship between the built environment and quality of care will help to ensure healthcare facilities are designed to meet the diverse needs of patients, families, and staff.

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